2018 Blue Tee Robin Awards

3 putt champion: Back to back champion, Don Stanley.

Shot of the year: Jason Mottola #16.

Beatdown of the year: Earl Abdoo shutting out Carps, Hill, Nardone, and Rauh in a skins game for $550.

Best use of three jack money: Celtics tickets for Tyrrell and Mottola.

Largest spread on scores: Peter Hill ranging 73-91. Only 91 is the most surprising.

Moose knuckle award: Steve Doherty.

Still not best dressed: Mark Nardone aka LuLu.

Slow play award: We have a 2018 three way tie! Kelleher, Bonheur, and Carps.

Quote of the year: Mike Tyrrell asking Nardone who does his hair.

Email of the year: See attached print out.

How to make a 12 on a hole: Mike McCann joining the 2017 winners Menery & Hill.

Best Majors performance: All won by Blue Tee Robin participants.

BTR Cigar Dinner performance of the year: Tom Rauh.

Most embarrassing moment: Brian Theriault ripping his shorts up the seam on #3. Says he caught them on the golf cart.

Best 400 Club moment: Also Brian, Ace with his kids and thought everyone owed him $400.

Where's Bruno: Someone kept him and we want him back. Who has him?

Commissioner of the year: Still Peter Tyrrell!

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the 2018 Blue Tee Robin golf season. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and we’re all looking forward to 2019.

-Commish & Assistant Commish


2017 Blue Tee Robin Awards

3 putt champion: Don Stanley

Shot of the year: Steve Doherty #14

Beatdown of the year: Tyrrell & Pierce over Doherty & McCann. 10 ways?

Not best dressed: Mark Nardone

Run away from matches with Shannon: Gregg Bonheur

Slow play: Barry Kelleher

Newman Award aka black shoes and white socks: Brian Theriault

Thank God it was 10's: Mike McCann

The real Assistant Commissioner: Jason Mottola

Greyhound for being pickled by 09:00: Earl Abdoo

Only guy to win with Jimmy Hyde: Jason Mottola

Tailgater and whiner of the year: Mark Menery

I moved next to an asian to get away from the asian I live next to now: Peter Hill

I miss Rosely: Steve Doherty

How to make a 12 on a hole: Jointly shared by Peter Hill and Mark Menery

I lost the match 6 ways but won the robin: Steve Foley

I went way over the line on email with Shannon: Don Stanley

Has not paid Steve for the 400 Club: Gregg Bonheur

Honorable Mentions:

Corporate espionage: Judas Jimmy Riley

Commissioner of the year and recipient of $250 Pro Shop gift certificate: Peter Tyrrell